We make ourselves useful by...

...helping you plan and prepare. 

...helping you educate and train.
...assisting you in communicating with  your team. 

As a new startup, we have a lot of plans. Some of our plans are only in the development phase, but when we are ready, we will....

--provide Subject Matter Expertise to help you plan operations or logistics. 

--provide you with expert advice to help you do business with an expanding governmental market.  

--provide training and educational courses designed to meet your needs. 


Business Consulting

We are also proud to assist you by helping you do business with the US Government in Europe.  

We are growing our business expertise in Europe.  Let us assist your company.  

Training and Education

We provide a growing range of training and educational courses to help you with your business and career.

Want to learn how to do business with the US Government in Europe?   We can help.   

We are currently developing our list of Training and Educational products and capabilities, so stay tuned!



Planning (Operational and Logistic) 

We have expertise to assist your company in Strategic and Operational Planning in the operational or logistics field.   

Evaluating your process, policy, or structure?  We can help.  

Conference Support

We have years of experience in setting up successful conferences.  

How can we help you? 

Staying in Europe

We can assist you in navigating the tough obstacles to retire or leave the service in Germany.  Set up a private consultation with us.  Contact us


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